Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Learn from the Leaders

Yesterday (07/12/2005) i had the opportunity of watching a TV show on NDTV. Aptly titled Changing India, it had the two dominating figures of IT industry. One has taken the PC world by storm, while the other has helped immensely, change the Face of India and Indian Industry. Both are visionaries in true sense. Both have helped change the life of millions of people, either directly or indirectly.

Both are inspiring leaders. They are none other than Bill Gates & Narayanamurthy, co-founders of MICROSOFT & INFOSYS. This is the first time when both the giants have come together on a TV show. That made this show more interesting.

One primary observation from Bill Gates was about his love towards Work, which keeps him brimming with energy. He has also personally contributed around 30Billion US dollars for the benefit of the society. His goal is towards creating computer systems that can talk to human and become more people friendly.

One primary observation about Narayananurthy is about his Vision, inspite of being offered US$1 million, in 1990 for being taken over, he had simply rejected the offer. Definitely it was one of the definining moments not only for Narayanamurthy, but also for India. If assuming he had accepted the tempting offer, who knows whether India would have built the same image so fast.
Earlier India was land of snake charmers and monks, today its information technology every where. If it was Gandhi for Peace, its definitely Narayana Murthy, Premji, shivnadar & ramalinga raju for IT. I have great respects for that reason.
There was a remark from the show about understanding the essence of time, one of the professor in US remarked it seems that, I dont know how to make the Japanese students talk and i dont know how to make the Indian Students stop talking.....
with this i would like to end this article...still to watch tonight....9:30 p.m


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