Friday, January 20, 2006

Secret of Success - Problem as Opportunity

Today's mantra for success is commonly known to all, but most of us dont unearth this secret. Probably that happens to be the reason why this secret of success if followed by only a few.
In every day life, problem is common to everyone. Life is bound to have problems and if some one expects a life without problems, it is a hypothetical situation. But it is how you handle these problems measures the success.
If every one starts looking at "Problem as an Opportunity", which is the truth too, life is a bed of roses. Look at the life of successful people, they are ones who have been able to create an opportunity out of the problem.
All the developments that has taken place for mankind has also born out of this simple secret.
Many of the Inventions & discoveries stand as a truth for this.
So Just look at problems in the positive way. Every Problem is an opportunity. Every Solution to the problem can be a million dollar idea, that leads to success.


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