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Inspirational Life Story True - Story of Ju

“This is the first lesson to learn: be determined not to curse anything outside, not to lay the blame upon anyone outside, but stand up, lay the blame on yourself. You will find that is always true. Get hold of yourself” Says Swami Vivekananda. Here is a story, which reflects those words of Swami Vivekananda.

This is the story of Ju, one of the six children; where mother was diagnosed with post depression, father a wife abuser. She had to undergo physical abuse as a child. Hence Ju’s child hood was very terrible. It so happened that her parents divorced. In order to help her mother and the other kids she had to go to work at the tender age of 15.

Teen hood had its effect on her, like most other teens, she also fell in love at the age of 18, got married and had two kids by the age of 20. It was in those two years she came across the other side of her husband. He was a guy who had the addiction to drugs, who slept with other women, who drank too much and more importantly abused her to a great extent. The only solution she had was to divorce him. Her husband took their kids and handed to his friend. That friend demanded her money in exchange of the kids. Some how she managed to get the money, got her kids and left the kids with her mother and started looking at her career. Now her teen life was also spoilt.

She got a job and life was going on smoothly. She was able to take care of her family and she was able to send them money. She was providing them with the basic amenities needed for a family. When everything seemed to be going well, at the age of 28 she had a fire accident. She suffered 2nd degree burns.

As she lost her self confidence and her self esteem went down, which led her to depression. She attempted to kill herself many times and failed. After a major surgery and lots of counseling and support from relatives and friends, she started her life all over again even with one partly deformed hand and fingers. It was tough finding a job and this increased her anxiety. She was managing her life in spite of all these adversities.

Again a big blow stuck her in the form of cervix cancer. During one of the medical diagnosis she was found to have cervix cancer. If there was any word in the dictionary for suffering, she faced everything in life which was driving her mad. Naturally she blamed her father, her mother and everyone for what brought her sufferings. Worst, she blamed herself.

Just because she didn’t want to undergo pains, she accepted for her treatments and chemotherapy. This was when she took the time to look within her. She thought that she might not live long enough so she decided to reconnect with her children. It was not easy especially with her son who had gone through his own childhood trauma.

She turned to her family for moral support and she turned to God. Now eight years later, she is still alive. Waking up and able to breathe for another day is a gift for her. She has two grandchildren whom she adores and that give her much joy. She takes some jobs every now and then when her health permits and rests when she needs it.

Her perception has changed. Her attitude has changed. She now asks “what is it she could do to get more out of what is left?” She has understood one major point about life that it does not play any favorites, for things happen and happen to every one. All of us have a story to share. She is not the single person to undergo pains. It is only the amount of pain that varies.

It is all about the ability on how he handle these situations that matters. We do not have to wait until a major catastrophe interrupts us to think of what we should do with our lives. It is we who instruct our brain what to do. It is left to us to either make it or break it. We are responsible for all our actions. We have the power to think what we want to think. It is left with you either to forget past hurts or to linger with them.

We can decide, plan and take action on what we want to have, do or be. At least when the universe intervenes, we know that we have done our best.

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