Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Random thoughts on contradiction

I have always had this question in mind and I have always had an answer for it too.Yet I thought I would share it here in this wonderful forum for people to share their views.

Life is full of contradictions, which I feel is what makes life interesting.

Probably is that the reason why people are also full of contradictions? This thought about contradiction started from my school days when we started learning Thirukural, a two line Tamil poem, written by the great Thiruvalluvar. I have always been a great admirer and follower of Thirukural. That’s where the problem began regarding the contradiction. Thirukural deals with lots of aspects of life, of which friendship is one of my favorite. In one of the poems, he would advise you that if you have a bad friend you should leave him at any cost, while in another poem he would say once you have made friendship, no matter what kind your friend is, you should never leave him. Ok moving ahead, then this talk of being content is something that I have always been confronted with. I love being content and at the same time I have this burning desire inside me to keep creating or exploring new things. I love to take risks about new ventures and ideas. Try the impossible, go for it and you are sure to achieve it. Now if you are content, neither can you try nor explore. If you do not explore or try, new things do not happen. If you new things do not happen, the world would be just standstill. Would we have had this Blogging? But mind does know that if you are not content you need to face the difficulties in your journey. Then comes the branding too, if you are content in an organization, the organization would brand you stating that you are not competitive and you do not possess the skills to compete. If you try for newer opportunities and switch jobs, then you would be labeled you are not sincere to an organization.

About this concept of saving, till a decade back Indians were known for their saving habits. Then consumerism came in, now we are just aping America. We have also got the mindset where on the day of salary, we have huge bills readily to be cleared. In most cases it is the case of ECS, Electronic Clearance System, where automatic deduction of the amount to be paid happens through bank. Credit Card payments, personal loans, white goods EMI’s are the culprit for this habit. Here again, if people remain content, if people do not change their goods then the companies would be bleeding. Just taking the instance of TV’s and Mobile phones, these companies keep introducing changes quite often there by tempting the customers to make a change to their product. Else the companies would not be in a position to survive.

Fashion is another word that has come to play in the minds of people that puts pressure and a reason for change.

“Oh are you holding such an old mobile phone? Oh don’t you have a Flat screen television?” are some of the common questions that can be heard today? The thought process has definitely undergone a sea change. Some say it is for good but the only question is for whose good is this change? Is it for the people or the company? It just reinforces the fact that Good and Bad co-exists and what is good for one need to be good for the other. Feel free to share your views and opinions.

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At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palani ,

You are good writer no doubt about it and the way u narrated your experinceabout Japanesh seminar is simply great.

Its true , value of person doesnot fall with problems. We should take it as temperory phase . If we hae confidence and faith in ourself , it doesnot matter what people say or feel about u . With faith and cnfidence one can make others belive u .

At 6:01 AM, Blogger therearview said...

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah i do agree that it is a temporary phase and it is the confidence and trust that keeps the journey going.


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