Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What it takes it to be a Good Leader?

In the last 20 years, i have had the opportunity to come across different people, each one has helped me in a way or other. I have been able to learn some of the best qualities, this does not mean that i have been able to totally follow every one's best quality, i am just mentioning over here that i have been able to appreciate their qualities. In some cases, i have been able to follow theirs...More over whats good/best quality for one necessarily need not be the best for other person...i have a valid reason to say that...while some qualities are universally applicable, while some needs to be applied based on the situation. I think i am drifting from what i wanted to write......coming back again, from these people i have observed a few wonderful points which i thought i would share with you all.This may be helpful atleast for a few people who are aspiring to become leaders.
Have you ever thought what skills are required to be an effective leader for a team?

My observations has always been that the most important quality these people possess is the ability to communicate effectively. Excellent Communication skills has naturally helped these leaders to communicate of what result they expect. Lack of communication or improper communication on the other hand has proven to be disastrous...Still to continue.....

Something to learn from Chennai Monsoon

I was ill for more than a week which has prevented me from blogging....its been a very good monsoon for chennai......probably after a gap of nearly 9 years....the last time it rained so heavily....if i am correct it shd have been in 1996....i still remember it very much because that was the year when we graduated from Government College of Engineering. That also happened to be the year when my friends were visiting chennai, in search of their job....more than me my friends would remember it very well because they were visiting my house for the first time and they had to wade through water to reach my house....this year rain gods have been really been kind enough...because it has stopped raining most of the times when the situation was seeming to go out of control and has given some respite and chance for the administration to work out...but in general who is to be blamed for all the problems that has arisen out of rains....opposition blames ruling party.....ruling party blames opposition.....people blame officials....but ultimately it is the People to be Blamed. The worst thing is that, the act of few people puts a whole community in trouble......more and more lakes are shrinking or disappearing in chennai....and why is it happening??? It is the greedy people who want a house of their OWN, who do not mind tinkering with the documents, paying off the officials and build a house in what would have been a lake or a water storing the question arises aren't the officials at fault? yeah its true they are also to be its a total collective responsibility and more or less like a chicken or egg story....but the final point is "PEOPLE" must change and must understand that they cannot take "NATURE" for granted....Unauthorized occupation is a menace and any government should keep a strict vigil...