Thursday, May 18, 2006

Inspirational True Life Story - Edison

I have always been amazed by Edison, who had filed 400 patents between 1876 and 1884, at approximately a patent a week. Isn't he remarkable?
This is a true story which i came across from one of the Newsletters which was trying to explain about "things ahead of its time". It seems that Edison liked to demonstrate his phonograph by allowing people to speak into the machine and then playing the recording back for them. However, the technology was outside almost everyone's conceptual understanding. Up to that point in history, the only thing that could mimic the sound of one's voice was a ventriloquist, so people thought it had to be a trick. Clergymen came to pronounce it "the devil's work" and to discredit Edison.
But here's the really fun part. Edison used to charge people 25 cents to try to "fool the machine." A person who spoke Latin (a dead language) would speak Latin into it and, of course, it would speak Latin back to the person. People wondered how Edison was able to teach a machine to speak Latin. A person would speak Chinese into the machine and it would speak Chinese back to them. Again, people would wonder how the "Wizard of Menlo Park" taught the machine to speak Chinese.
People simply did not understand the concept of a recording.
This just goes into prove "what a genius, he is".
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Secret of Success-Personal Power

This was the message that i had received from my work mate. This provided lot of insight. It is definitely a message to be shared.

Life Into Being
Personal Power
Many of us have do not understand what personal power means. We have been given the false notion that power is bad-that it is something we use to exert our will upon others. In fact, when our personal power is intact, we are neither overbearing nor meek. We have a clear sense of our strength and the impact we can have on others. This actually enables us to be more sensitive. Personal power is what permits us to work on behalf of our dreams and desires. It allows us to realize that we are worthy and deserve to be heard. In addition, our personal power lets us extend the respect we know that we deserve to the people around us. There is no reason to be afraid or ashamed of fully owning your power.
In the chakra system, the solar plexus is the seat of personal power. One way to evaluate your sense of power is to breathe into this part of the body. If it feels tight or nervous, it is an indication that you may not be fully expressing your power. You can heal this imbalance by expanding the area of the solar plexus with your breath. You can also visualize a bright yellow sun in this part of your body. Allow its heat to melt any tension, and let its light dissolve any darkness or heaviness. Repeating this exercise on a regular basis can restore and rejuvenate your sense of power.
Another way to nurture your personal power is to honor your dreams and desires by making concrete plans to manifest them in the world. Start by making a list of things you want, and let yourself think big. Choose one goal from the list and commit to bringing it to fruition. In addition, break the goal into tasks that you can work on each day. Know that you deserve to have your dreams come true and that you have the power to bring them into being.
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Monday, May 01, 2006

Inspirational Life Story True - Kiran Bedi

Today's Inspirational True Life Story deals about the life of a person who is well known in Indian and around the world for her courage and strategies. Yes we are proud to feature Kiran Bedi, the first woman to join the Indian Police Services in 1972, who was also a former Asian women’s lawn tennis champion, an extraordinary academician, author, speaker and activist, winner of the Magsaysay Award(also called the Asian Nobel Prize), the first woman to become Police advisor to head the Civilian Police Division in the United Nations Department to Peace keeping Operations.

When, in the ’90s, she was transferred to Tihar—Asia’s most notorious jail—she transformed the vice-den into something like an ashram, introducing meditation and literacy programmes. Her Tihar work won her the Magsaysay Award in 1994. It was this stint in Tihar jail has secured her place in the history of policing as a pioneer, for her extra ordinary reforms that she carried out for the inmates of Tihar Jail.

No one can also forget the courage she displayed in handling the Punjab separatist movement when she single-handedly fought sword-brandishing sikh militants. It is her actions and motivational speeches that have triggered lot of young girls to look Indian Police Services as a career choice. If today we are able to see lot of young girls entering Military services and Police services, the true credit would definitely go to KIRAN BEDI.

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