Monday, January 30, 2006

Secret of Success - Being at cause

Most people who lead their life just take the life as it comes. It is a good practice to an extent about not being worried, but there is certainly a way in which every one should lead their life. Most people lives their lives catering to the whims, fancies, desires of other people. They lead a life for others, i mean they lead a life in comparing their life to others. Though it is comparisons that have helped man to grow, yet un necessary comparisons can damage the happiness of one's life. Leading a life based on one's strength is very much essential. Only few people are decisive in creating what they want in life and take responsibility for whatever they achieve, both good and bad. These people lead their life for a cause. They know what they want in their life. They see the world as a place of opportunity and move forward in achieving their goal. It necessarily doesnt mean they dont face problems, yet they know how to handle the situation, come out with alternatives & emerge successful.

Being at cause means you have choices in your life - you can choose what is best for you. That is, you consider the consequences of your actions on others, while not taking responsibility for their emotional well-being. Believing you are responsible for the emotional well-being of someone else places a heavy burden upon you and can cause a great deal of stress.
Where as reactive people donot take responsibilities. They blame the situation for their bad phase. They blame their co-workers, their partners, their partners or their other half for not being able to achieve their dream.
Even i had been a reactive person, i had blamed my parents for me not having pursued ambitions of mine. Its only later i realised the mistake i had committed. It was not my parents, it was just that i was not stubborn or clear about what i had want and had shifted the responsibility on my parents.
If you tend to continue to be a reactive person, you tend to build up stress, fear and diffidence.
Each day when you go to bed, its very much essential to just analyse how you had spent the day.
Each morning when you wake up, the choice is left to you to decide on how you want your day to be.
image courtesy: Elliott Brown Gallery, Google Images


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