Monday, February 27, 2006

Secret of Success - Planing

Secret of Success today deals with the importance of planing.
why and how 'planing' becomes the secret of success.
To plan and execute a plan has become very essential ingredient in every part of life. Individuals, sports teams, educational institutes or even governments need to plan, and carry forward with their well thought plan.
The Primary difference between planing and non-planing is that, planing helps you to foresee problems and there fore a solution for it. This forecasting would make you prepared for your bad days.
I can just explain this concept of planing with a simple tourism trip. Lets assume you plan for a trip, then you would know when you would be starting, how you would be travelling, when you would be reaching, where you would be staying and what are the places you would be visiting. Probably you would have put an extra day to plan about this whole day. But the result associated with it is, happiness and savings in terms of money. Over all the trip would be a cheerful memorable one.
Let's assume you hadn't planned and you just start of the trip just like that, you would always have to travel with thoughts in mind whether you would get a nice place to stay, whether you would get it at normal prices or would you have to pay a premium, would you be able to visit all the places of interest, creating a lot of stir between family members. Over all the trip would have lot of tensionous moments. There would be lot of complaints.

Which one do you think is preferable?


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