Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Secret of Success- Being content in life

Today's secret of success is all about leading a life where one should feel content about things that one has got in life. This mail that i have received just reinforces the that secret of success.

It teaches a very vital tip for leading a happy and successful life.

Very moving story.... I wish life was as simple for all of us.... Image courtesy: padayatra.org

A few years back, I was travelling in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu . It was getting dark, and due to a depression over the Bay of Bengal, it was raining heavily. The roads were overflowing with water
and my driver stopped the car near a village . " There is no way we can proceed further in this rain," said the driver. "Why don't you look for shelter somewhere nearby rather than sit in the car?" .

Stranded in an unknown place among unknown people, I was a bit
worried. Nevertheless, I retrieved my umbrella and marched out into
the pelting rain . I started walking towards the tiny village, whose
name I cannot recall now. There was no electricity and it was a trial
walking in the darkness and the rain . In the distance I could just
make out the shape of a small temple . I decided it would be an ideal
place to take shelter, so I made my way to it . Halfway there, the
rain started coming down even more fiercely and the strong wind blew my umbrella away, leaving me completely drenched . I reached the temple soaking wet . As soon as I entered , I heard an elderly
person's voice calling out to me . Though I cannot speak Tamil, I
could make out the concern in the voice . In the course of my travels,
I have come to realize that voices from the heat can be understood
irrespective of the language they speak .

I peered into the darkness of the temple and saw an old man of about
eighty . Standing next to him was an equally old lady in a traditional
nine-yard cotton sari . She said something to him and then approached
me with a worn and clean towel in her hand . As I wiped my face and
head I noticed that the man was blind . It was obvious from their
surroundings that they were very poor . The temple, where I now
stood, was simple with the minimum of ostentation in its decorations .
The Deity was bare except for a bilwa leaf on top . The only light
came from a single oil lamp . In that flickering light a sense of
calm overcame me and I felt myself closer to God than ever before.

In halting Tamil, I asked the man to perform the evening mangalratri,
which he did with love and dedication . When he finished, I placed a
hundred-rupee note as the dakshina .He touched the note and pulled away his hand, looking uncomfortable .
Politely he said, " Amma, I can make out that the note is not for ten
rupees, the most we receive. Whoever you may be, in a temple, your
devotion is important, not your money . Even our ancestors have said
that a devotee should give as much as he or she can afford to. To me
you are a devotee like everyone else who comes here. Please take back this money ."

I was taken aback . I did not know how to react . I looked at the
man's wife expecting her to argue with him and urge him to take the
money, but she just stood quietly. Often, in many households, a wife
encourages the man's greediness . Here, it was the opposite . She was endorsing her husband's views . So I sat down with them, and with the wind and rain whipping up a frenzy outside, we talked about our lives . I asked them about themselves, their life in the village temple and whether they had anyone to look after them.

Finally, I said, " Both of you are old . You don't have any children
to look after your everyday needs . In old age one requires more
medicines than groceries. This village is far away from any of the
towns in the district . Can I suggest something to you ?".

At that time, we have started an old-age pension scheme and I
thought, looking at their worn-out but clean clothes, they would be
ideal candidates for it .

This time the wife spoke up, " Please do tell, child ."

" I will send you some money. Keep it in a nationalized bank or post
office. The interest on that can be used for your monthly needs. If
there is a medical emergency you can use the capital ."

The old man smiled on hearing my words and his face lit up brighter
than the lamp. " You sound much younger than us. You are still foolish . Why do I need money in this great old age ?. The Lord is also known as Vaidyanathan . He is the Mahavaidya, or great doctor . This village we live in has many kind people. I perform the pooja and they give me rice in return. If either of us is unwell, the local doctor gives us medicines. Our wants are very few. Why would I accept money from an unknown person?. If I keep this money in the bank, like you are telling me to, someone will come to know and may harass us . Why should I take on these worries?. You are a kind person to offer help to two unknown old people. But we are content; let us live as we always have. We don't need anything more."


At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Raman said...

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At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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