Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Inspirational Life Story True - The 500 Rs Note

Due to the insistance of my friend, i once attended a seminar organized by JapanLife, which was a MLM company.This story that i am sharing is no way related with MLM activities. Yet it gave an opportunity to learn one of the most important lessons of life and truly inspired me.

One of the speaker was explaining the benefits of the program and was also explaining the quality of the products that JapanLife was marketing. Suddenly, the speaker took the wallet from his pocket. Took a 500 Rs in his hand and showed it to the crowd. I was wondering what he was going to say and probably even the crowd was wondering similarly.

Then he asked a simple question that "Who would want this 500 Rs note"?
I was a bit hesitant, wondering what was the catch behind his question, because i was sure he was not going to give it anyway.
Most of the hands were up. Some were even raising both their hands, showing their eagerness. He said he would give the note to one lucky winner and started to crumple the 500 Rs note.

I was wondering, has this this guy gone crazy? why is he crushing the note? What trick is he upto? All different kinds of questions were running in my mind.

Then, he asked again, "Who would want this 500 Rs note"? still every one were raising their hands.

Finally he gave the reason for his act:

"This is a very valuable lesson to remember. Inspite of me crumpling the 500 Rs. note every one wanted it just because, the value is not lost.
Similarly every one of us go through tough times, times where some one crush us, times when some one trash us and times when some one kick us.
All these things can happen. You might even think you are not worth a paisa, still the reality is that you never lose your value. Every one are special and every one should know that. All it requires is to unearth the value that is hidden in you. Remember it always".
Though i didnt join Japan Life, yet i felt that the couple of hours i spent there was worthy because this lesson that i learnt always stays in my mind.

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At 2:18 AM, Blogger hellboy said...

wonderfully said

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...




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At 1:19 AM, Anonymous ballu said...

Well said sir.

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