Thursday, March 23, 2006

Inspirational Life Story True - Vaishnavi & Vandana - Daringly Different

Age is never a factor to achieve your desires. It is just the determination that matters! This inspirational story is of two young girls who did something daringly different, which has helped change the lives of lot many people. Hats off to them. To serve what you need is lot of conviction, and these two youngsters just stand as an example for the word "determination".
Vandana and Vaishnavi are the two young girls, if i remember correct from Ethiraj who provide shelter to the homeless women, who faced violence in the form of physical and sexual abuse. In these 13 years that has passed by, these girls have helped atleast 1500 women, rehabilitated 700 - 800 women and continue to do the good work. Inspite of all their initial struggles, yet Banyan has stabilized and its roots have grown deep in the minds of service minded community. One should understand that to run a home of this nature costs a few lakhs every month and definitely they make all their efforts to meet the costs. If you wish to know how they help, just click here

The Seed for Banyan:
Vandana Jayakumar was a MSW ( master's of social work) student in a Chennai college. Vaishnavi Jayakumar had moved to chennai from Kolkata. she was doing her schooling then. It was the college which gave her the opporunity to know Vandana, who was her senior by a year. Both these two had similar interests and as days passed by these two turned out to be good friends.

The day began as just like any other day for Vandana Gopikumar. Just infront of her college she came across a mentally ill homeless woman, who was scantily dressed, in a state of distress. since no one was helping this woman, vandana along with her principal and vaishnavi, admitted the woman to a home. After couple of weeks they came to know that the girl had run away from that home and the home did not seem to take any responsibility. This was the incident that started the thought in the minds of the daringly different duo to take up the responsibility in their own hands, in spite of their lack of experience.

The life of Vaishnavi & Vandana just showcases some important factors which can be truly inspirational for others to follow. Lack of experience, lack of funds, lack of knowledge are not true obstacles in implementing a real good idea that has true value.

At this moment i just wish to reaffirm the fact that i would always extend my support to Banyan in ways that can make a small difference in the lives of women they take care. If you wish to contribute in whatever way you wish, please visit The BANYAN, I EXIST THEREFORE I AM


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